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Linneweber takes top prize in Watermelon Business Challenge

Chris Linneweber, owner of Linneweber's Sauce Company, was the winner of the 2023 Knox County Watermelon Challenge and recipient of $1000 cash and $6000 worth of prizes. Linneweber offers unique, handcrafted hot sauces grown right here in Knox County, Indiana. His award winning Waterbellon, a mild sauce featuring watermelon and bell peppers, as well as Cayennermelon, which is a spicier concoction of watermelon and cayenne peppers.

Chris starts his pepper plants from seed in a greenhouse, transplants to a pepper field, and harvests peppers right at the peak of ripeness. His pepper fermentation process is truly his "secret sauce," setting his sauces apart not only in number of variety but also in quality.

You can buy hot sauces online or at various locations in Knox County, Indiana.

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