An Agricultural Innovation Hub

In order for Knox County to continue its prosperity in the agriculture industry, development in Ag Technology is paramount.

Ag Tech Goals for Farmers

Collaboration + Engagement with Ag Technology

Entrepreneurs and Innovation Create local access to ag technology market solutions

Deliver local agriculture entrepreneurship opportunities

AgTech Partners with AgriNovus, Purdue University and WHIN.

Committee Sponsors include Twin Rivers Ag, Villwock Farms and Mouzin Brothers Farm.


Josh Mason (Ag Business)
Don Villwock (Farmer/Purdue/VU)
Drew Garretson (Ag Business)
Nichole Like (Pantheon)
Brian Southern (AgroRenew)
Eric Read (First Bank)

Brady Mouzin (Farmer)
Nick Benson (Farmer/Ag Business)
Sean Nettleton (Ag Business)
Justin Marchino (Farmer)
Ethan Anson (Farmer)

👩🏽‍🌾 ‍Ag Tech Internships

The Pantheon is excited to offer two new internships for students interested in bioplastics engineering and robotic autonomous technology. For more information and how to apply, select the appropriate internship below.