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The Pantheon’s mission is to foster innovation, attract, inspire, and support new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit led by a diverse board of entrepreneurs, nonprofit, and government representatives. Our operations are funded by membership fees, event space rentals, and generous donations from corporate sponsors and angel investors from the south-central Indiana region.

The Pantheon Theatre was the perfect stop between Chicago and St. Louis for live national and regional performances.


A Message from Our Founder

Vincennes and Knox County were created and thrived through the efforts of pioneers and entrepreneurs. Vincennes, Indiana’s first city, has been the home of many firsts. However, like many rural communities time has brought many challenges to Vincennes and Knox County and it is time for reinvention. We decided to help with this mission.

A community is an organism. Like most organisms a community must have a strong core to be successful. That is why we created INVIN, a Business and Arts Initiative, to help redevelop Main Street in harmony with its history and existing structures. Two of our successes were the repurposing of the New Moon Theater and The Pantheon. These were two of the Vincennes most iconic, landmark buildings that were almost lost. Helping with the revitalization of downtown has been a rewarding experience.

"Local career opportunities were quite limited when I graduated from Central Catholic. The lack of economic growth and career paths are key reasons why the community stopped growing. I wanted to help stop this trend and assist in creating an economic ecosystem that would encourage future generations to stay in Vincennes and grow the community."""
- Steve Miller


A Historic Theatre

The Pantheon is a renovated 1920’s style theatre filled with over 15,000 square feet of working space located in the heart of downtown Vincennes. The space includes open working spaces, private offices, conference rooms, a kitchen and space for events.

After many years of vacancy and deterioration, INVIN, a local business and arts initiative, began the mission of saving and repurposing the Pantheon. The leadership of INVIN reimagined the theatre as a co-working space and incubator. INVIN transferred ownership to a joint partnership between Knox County and the City of Vincennes, who have since invested in the renovation of the interior of the building. Additional support from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), Vincennes Redevelopment Commission, and Knox County Development Corporation have helped to complete the extensive interior renovation of the Pantheon.

In October 2020, the U.S. Department of Commerce, through its Economic Development Administration announced a $732,000 award for the Pantheon. This additional investment will pay for extensive exterior renovations and technology within The Pantheon.

The Pantheon opened its doors in the fall of 2020.

Founding “The Pantheon – A Business and Innovation Theatre” was the next step in helping achieve a vision for a vibrant, prosperous city and county. A strong economic engine is needed to provide opportunities for current and future generations. The Pantheon’s co-working space is creating a community and center of entrepreneurs. The Pantheon’s business incubator activities, which partners with Purdue University and its School of Chemical Engineering provides resources, services and an ecosystem that will help foster innovation and help entrepreneurs and businesses prosper in Knox County.

Let us celebrate the new beginning of The Pantheon Theatre by thanking all who have generously helped and to those who will carry on the mission in the years to come.