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Monday, February 21, 2022

Local Entrepreneur Awarded $5,000 Grant through Purdue Foundry’s Boost Program

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January 14, 2022

(Vincennes, Indiana) Local businessman and entrepreneur, Michial Jacob, had a startup idea that is now helping law enforcement. He turned to the Pantheon for help----now, he’s one of eight companies in Indiana that’s been awarded a $5,000 grant.

Jacob is CEO of American Evidence Management in Vincennes. His company works to help law enforcement manage criminal cases quicker and more efficiently through automation and smart data management. He started working with The Pantheon early in 2021 and validated the concept using tools from the Purdue Foundry Firestarter program. The Firestarter program gives clients the opportunity to explore potential markets, customers, and financial models. As part of that process, he met with Entrepreneur in Residence Dr. Jason Salstrom of Purdue Foundry. Dr. Salstrom mentored Jacob through the process.

Originally from Jasonville, Jacob moved to the Vincennes area in 2015 and started Veritas Engineering Laboratories. A career in automotive controls and forensics led him to his next big adventure. It was an idea of helping law enforcement track down criminals more efficiently by equipping them with improved versions of the tools that Jacob and his team had created for their forensic engineering lab. Prelaunch validation, determining whether the idea was worth the investment of time and capital, was a big roadblock and that’s when he turned to The Pantheon for help.

“If you have a problem to solve, The Pantheon can help,” Jacob said. “They have helped us start and grow American Evidence much more quickly than we would otherwise have been able to do.”

After a lot of hard work, Jacob formed a team and created American Evidence Management (AEM). Following the Firestarter experience, they applied to Purdue Foundry’s Boost Program. The Boost Program is a collaboration among Purdue Foundry and Elevate Ventures. AEM was accepted into the program which provides 10 weeks of interactive training, advice, startup resources, and the opportunity to pitch their idea to venture capitalists and investors from across the U.S. If two panelists decide a team is ready for investment, Purdue Foundry will invest an additional $25,000 into Jacob’s project.

“The Pantheon has been and continues to be a tremendous and impactful resource for American Evidence Management,” Jacob said. “In addition to their direct support, the folks at The Pantheon have connected us with outside resources that have contributed time and money in meaningful ways. With The Pantheon in our corner, it was much easier to get AEM up and running than it was with prior ventures. We are thrilled to create tech opportunities here in Vincennes and share our hard-earned forensic and process knowledge with law enforcement in a way that makes their lives easier. We look forward to returning the community’s investment in us manyfold.”

The Pantheon, whose mission is to help connect entrepreneurs and business throughout Knox County, just celebrated its one-year anniversary. “Equipping local entrepreneurs with the resources and mentoring they need to launch successful businesses here is absolute center-target of our mission at the Pantheon,” said Nichole Like, President and CEO of The Pantheon. “Mike has worked with our Entrepreneur in Residence, Dr. Jason Salstrom of Purdue Foundry, to refine his business idea over the last year,” said Like. “It is exciting to see a talented and hard-working entrepreneur like Mike take his startup to the next level with acceptance into the Boost Program.”

About the Pantheon:

The Pantheon ( is a storied 1920s styled theater with 15,000 square feet of renovated workspace. The site sits in downtown historical Vincennes, Indiana and is the heart of co-working and entrepreneurship in Knox County. Its mission is to develop resources, services and a community which will foster innovation and help entrepreneurs and businesses prosper in the region. The operations are proudly backed by the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University and the Purdue Research Foundation.

About Purdue Foundry:

Purdue Foundry is a partner of The Pantheon in Vincennes. It’s an entrepreneurship and commercialization hub whose professionals help Purdue innovators create and grow startups. The Purdue Foundry has been involved with creating more than 300 companies. It’s managed by Purdue Research Foundation, which received the 2019 Innovation and Economic Prosperity Universities Award for Place from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. In 2020, IPWatchdog Institute ranked Purdue third nationally in startup creation.

About American Evidence Management:

AEM is an Indiana-based startup that creates automated process and record management solutions for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. Visit for additional information.

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