Pantheon News 8/11/20

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Hi All!

Here is (last weeks) weekly dose of "Pantheon News" a list of what's going on around The Pantheon. I forgot to click ”send” last Friday, so you get two newsletters this week-enjoy!

Construction Updates

For the week of 7/27/2020 through 7/31/2020:

  • Interior glass doors installed on 1st-floor office spaces.
  • The balcony platform is framed. Decking installed at a later date.
  • Balcony ADA platform installed with electrical.
  • Plumbing for conference room sink in progress
  • 2nd-floor wall base being installed in office spaces to match existing.
  • 1st-floor bar base cabinets on site.

Updates provided by Myzak + Palmer

News From Nichole

Knox County has a rich history of growing copious amounts of specialty crops that are sold around the country. We lead the state in the production of these specialty crops and are in the top 10 counties nationally for melon production. Here’s the question- how do we translate that into more opportunity and prosperity here?

By growing businesses here. Cue- The Pantheon.

We need to attract and grow businesses that create, build, and sell the technology and innovation required to grow, harvest, and process the food that comes from our land. To accomplish that, Knox County must be plugged into relevant and dynamic entrepreneurial and innovation networks.

To that end, we welcome Mitch Frazier, the new CEO of Agrinovus, to our community this week. He will be visiting the Pantheon and learning more about the unique agricultural assets in Knox County. The Pantheon appreciates the Agrinovus partnership and the vibrant agricultural/bioscience innovation network they have built.

Until next week,

Photo We're Looking at

Below you can see two gentlemen looking through their current ad campaign for the theatre. On their desk, you can see photos from various acts, and on the wall, you can see a photo of the New Moon Theatre.

The room that they are sitting in will be a "Private Office" on the second floor. "Private Offices" will have its own lock and key and is more flexible for your personalization. However, Private Offices are very limited.

Quote, We're Pondering

From James Clears "3-2-1 Thursday Newsletter" (One of the few newsletters I read on a weekly basis.) Yes... I know... second week in a row, but its too good not to share.

"Step 1: Know exactly what you want. Have a big vision that is crystal clear.
Step 2: Know exactly what is true. See reality for what it is and accept the honest facts of the situation.
Step 3: Be flexible in the way you close the gap between 1 and 2.
Bold. Rational. Adaptable."

We Want You!

Are you a remote worker, entrepreneur, or creative? Maria & I want to chat with you and get to know you better. We want to hear what makes you tick. If that checks off your box, email me back, and we will set up a lunch or time to meet.

[Side Note: We've met with some folks over the past couple weeks and it, has been great to put a face to the email address. Hearing what problems people are facing and the goals they have has been so re-affirming.]

And, as always, please give us feedback. Which thing above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Let us know! Just email us at

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


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