Pantheon News 8/14/20

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Here is a weekly dose of "Pantheon News" a list of what's going on around The Pantheon.

What We are Listening To

Dr. Sangtae Kim's Interview on WAOV. Dr. (Dr.Kim's full interview starts at about the 20-minute mark and is in the second segment of the link above) Dr. Sangtae Kim, Head of the Purdue University Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, made a visit to the Pantheon this Tuesday. The last time Dr. Kim visited the Pantheon was way back in 2017. Needless, to say he was amazed by the interior progress of the Pantheon. If you are wondering "What's the role of Purdue in the Pantheon?" then this interview is for you.

What We're Reading

Pantheon to partner with non-profit to bring innovation in ag-technology. Mitch Frazier, President & CEO, of Agrinovus, toured the Pantheon, Mouzin Brothers Farms, and the Vincennes University Agriculture Center yesterday. Jenny McNeece of the Sun Commercial covered the meet-up. Here is an excerpt from the piece:

"Not only would the shared workspace and small business incubator be made available to entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses, but Knox County also offers an opportunity — a market — to test and even sell their product. And farmers here grow the kind of specialty crops that tend to attract such innovation, Garretson said. “We’ll be able to expose our specialty crops to (entrepreneurs)” he said. “We’ll be able to show them our niche. “So the goal of this visit today, the goal of this partnership long-term, is to access those business start-ups that come to AgriNovus.”

You can view the full article on the Sun Commerical's website.

News From Nichole

This week, The Pantheon hosted visits from two of our very important statewide partners- Dr. Sangtae Kim, head of Purdue’s Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, and Mitch Frazier, CEO of Agrinovus. Both represent two of The Pantheon’s target sectors for entrepreneurial growth- energy and agriculture.

We are ever grateful for Dr. Kim’s early support of The Pantheon. He is executing Purdue’s land grant university mission of improving quality of life around the state right here in our community by bringing their world-class talent, ideas, resources,  and innovation network to The Pantheon.

The CEO of Agrinovus, Mitch Frazier, also stopped by this week for a look at The Pantheon and some of Knox County’s most unique agricultural assets. The Pantheon’s partnership with Agrinovus began earlier this year when we joined their statewide Innovation Council. Agrinovus serves as the State’s hub of agricultural innovation and entrepreneurism. What is the goal of this partnership? Attracting and growing new ag tech ventures to increase prosperity here in Knox County and Indiana.

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