Member Spotlight: Jamie Dugan

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

This month, we want to celebrate Jamie Dugan: Pantheon Co-Worker and Fundraising Entrepreneur.

Jamie has a strong background in business structuring and acquiring funding sources on behalf of for profit and nonprofit organizations. During the early part of her career, she learned the art of budget management and business development at Thermo Fisher Scientific, an international Fortune 500 company. Gleaning valuable lessons from mentors, she became well-versed in problem-solving, business development, and fundraising for nonprofits. After transitioning into the world of grant writing, she became a prominent force in fund acquisition in Vincennes.

In October, 2021, she started her own grant writing business, Write to Win, LLC. Her grant writing skills have manifested in millions of dollars of funding for infant mortality prevention, youth mental health services, and economic/workforce development projects across Indiana. While discussing how the Pantheon has impacted her, she said it all started with one of our popular programs, Design & Donuts.

Here, she networked with freelance writers, photographers, and marketing students who all shared a passion for marketing their work. Dugan noted that the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other marketing-minded individuals has been so valuable. As a Pantheon co-worker, she frequents this space and enjoys the company of other business professionals, including Red Skelton (pictured), who she hopes from which to draw creative inspiration!

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