3.2.1... Innovate

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

3.2.1... Innovate

Innovation in the Workplace

“Don’t bother competing with a machine on things that can do better, faster, and cheaper. You need to focus on that one advantage that you have as a human: your creativity, your curiosity, and your ability to innovate.” – Jack Ma, Co-Founder of Alibaba Group

At the Pantheon, we take such pride in inspiring ideas and facilitating creative thinking. Our mission is to be the force that turns dreams into realities. We are excited to share with you the ways in which we are supporting the innovative and creative minds in Knox County.

3 Ways to embrace Innovation...

1. Creativity

A culture of creativity is the cornerstone of an innovative environment. In a world driven by productivity, efficiency, and performance, human creativity can go untapped. Current research shows that creativity is ranked as the 3rd most important job skill in America. While being vulnerable with your ideas may be uncomfortable, take heart of the fact that your creativity can be reproduced by no one.

2. Community

Creativity is not a solo act and rarely does it happen in isolation. Our programming is directly geared towards connecting individuals & resources with the necessary support for growth.

3. Collaboration

When creative minds gather, we bridge the gap between isolated ideas and innovative solutions.

A primary goal of The Pantheon community is to foster a collaboration of minds. We desire to support both long-standing and growing businesses in their quest for new opportunities.

2 New Opportunities to Innovate...

We were proud to have collaborated with the Knox County Broadband Task Force to receive feedback regarding internet service, devices, and connectivity needs. We look forward to the challenge of addressing digital inclusion within our community.

We’d be lacking in the innovation department ourselves if we didn’t capitalize on local favorites.

Wed, Jul 27, 2022 5:30 PM EST

Watermelon Business Challenge

The Pantheon Theatre, Vincennes

To spark a culture of creativity, The Pantheon is teaming with the Knox County Chamber of Commerce to host the first-ever “Watermelon Business Challenge.” As a component of the famous “Watermelon Festival,” we are challenging local minds to create a watermelon-based product that is package-able and prize-worthy.

1 Person to make a Change...

Member Spotlight:

We are very excited to welcome a new member to the Pantheon team. Please join us in celebrating Keri Lane, our new Space Manager!

Keri has lived in Vincennes since she was 15 and is a proud Vincennes University Alum. With a diverse background in Education and Social Work, Keri also holds a degree in American Sign Language. Keri is a wife and mother of four. She is excited to bring her talents and skills to The Pantheon community. Keri is passionate about connecting people to resources and is intends on helping others identify their own niches. Welcome to the team, Keri!

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