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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Delivering Value to our Community

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” – Thomas Edison

At the Pantheon, we take such pride in inspiring ideas & facilitating creative thinking. Beyond that, our true mission is to be the force that turns dreams into realities. We are excited to share with you the lasting impacts we are making in Knox County.

3 Ways to make an Impact...

Historic Renovation Seminar

When you have something of value, it’s best to call an expert. Ashley Thomas, Historic Architecture Specialist with the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, made a special visit to the Pantheon to share specifics of the Historic Renovation Grant Program available to local property owners. We can’t wait to see what recipients of these funds do to help revitalize our historic structures!

Congrats, Mike Jacob!

Business owner and Pantheon member, Mike Jacob, is on a roll! We’re sending a huge shout-out to his company, American Evidence Management, for their big win at Elevate Ventures Pitch Contest. Jacob took advantage of our Firestarter program and went on to apply for the Purdue Foundry Boost Program, receiving a $5,000 grant. Learn more about his booming company here: https://americanevidence.com/

Thank You, Old National Bank!

We can’t say enough about our community partners. Without their support, the impact we have on Knox County and its current and future businesses would be significantly limited.

We want to send a huge “thank you” to the Old National Bank Foundation for providing us with $20k to support our co-workers, members, and driven entrepreneurs. We couldn’t do it without partners like you!

2 Opportunities to Connect...

This past month, we hosted a stellar Business Resource Round-up with the support of the Southwest Indiana Small Business Development Center & the Knox County Chamber of Commerce. With the help of our many presenters, local businesses learned about the low and/or no-cost resources available to them such as Southwest Indiana Small Business Development Center, the Indiana Procurement & Technical Assistance Center, Elevate Ventures, Purdue Foundry, and IU School of Law.

We are so thankful for these partners and their invaluable services to our community!

Each month, we host Design & Donuts to support our local artists, designers, photographers, and creatives while sharing experiences & enjoy Fossmeyer's delicacies.

Art & Design Professor, Ron Wise, encourages his Portfolio classes at Vincennes University to attend and engage with practicing artists. Professor Wise noted that the input from experienced professionals in the field is a tremendous asset to his students’ learning experiences.

1 Person makes a Difference...

Member Spotlight:

This month, we are proud to celebrate Jamie Dugan!

Jamie has a strong background in business structuring and acquiring funding sources on behalf of for-profit & nonprofit organizations. Gleaning valuable lessons from mentors, she became well-versed in problem-solving, business development, and fundraising.

To learn more about her effort, click here.

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