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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Dreaming of Future Possibilities

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them". – Walt Disney

At the Pantheon, we take such pride in inspiring ideas and facilitating creative thinking. Our mission is to be the force that turns dreams into realities. We are excited to share with you the ways in which we are supporting entrepreneurship in Knox County.

3 - Pantheon Members

Troy Sweeney

While he was born and raised in Vincennes, Troy has enjoyed a diverse set of experiences outside of Knox County. Whether it be studying and acting in NYC and L.A. or living with Old Order Amish and writing screenplays, Troy has used his experiences to pave the way for his current success. Having won and been placed in script competitions, Troy currently has big projects in the works. Feature film script, “THE TEAM,” optioned by Two Sisters Media and Arcady Bay Productions and TV series Pilot script, “RAZORBACK,” also optioned by Two Sisters Media, are two of his current focuses.

“The Pantheon is an ideal space for me to write. It provides a balance of the right scale of stimuli combined with serene solitude and creativity. The Pantheon's theatrical origins connect me with my earliest performance experiences in summer theater programs at Vincennes University.”

Experiencing everything from big cities to the Amish lifestyle taught Troy the indispensable value of community. “Without local communities, societies disintegrate, isolating individuals and rendering them wards of the state. The Pantheon focuses on community industriousness, providing a hub for creative incubation. Long live the Pantheon.”

Liz Romani

Meet Liz, a woman who wears many hats! Liz works for the Nelson Family Companies as a Marketing Specialist for PremiumConwin, Marketing Specialist for CelloCore, and Marketing Specialist for The Big Balloon Build. Liz considers it a big blessing to have been introduced to the PremiumConwin family during one of the Big Balloon Builds she worked on in Florida. Knowing immediately that she wanted to be part of this forward-thinking team of BIG IDEAS, Liz has embraced the challenges and thrives on the passion her team has for bringing new ideas and concepts to both the balloon and drinking straw industries.

Currently, her energies are focused on creating a global go-to-market plan for the release of a brand new eco-friendly, biodegradable straw derived from the agave plant, Penka. Essentially, the straw is a by-product of tequila, which lands itself at the top of the innovative marketplace.

Liz credits her experience in food service while working locally at Valley Party Supply as a notable catalyst of preparation for her current roles. She is also in the midst of assisting with the next Big Balloon Build taking place in Kansas City, MO in less than two weeks.

Liz is excited to hold an office space at the Pantheon as she creates new ideas, helps develop campaigns, and enjoys a quiet space for working. Her “home away from home” is a place where she is part of a working community rather than an isolated piece.

“The Pantheon has amazing amenities for me to use, the right spaces needed for meetings, zoom calls and strategy sessions, and delicious coffee and snacks! I look forward to growing and developing my personal and professional skills here in the Pantheon and becoming a member of a larger community of creatives, forward thinkers and entrepreneurs. Vincennes is lucky to have such a facility to foster growth and inspiration. I am lucky to be part of it.”

Katie Hall

Welcome new member, Katie Hall, owner of Joyfully Katie LLC! A driven stay at home mom with a passion for natural products and sustainability, Katie thrives on cultivating environments that help others, including children, utilize their strengths. Spreading joy and helping others is a major goal of hers. As she builds her business, she wants to create a positive work environment that supports growth and helps others achieve their dreams.

Learning new things and developing unique solutions is a primary part of her work. Katie values a working environment complete with great leadership and collaborative opportunities. While running Joyfully Katie LLC, she has learned many things including the existence of cPanel, how to set up social media accounts that sell her products, the prevalence of amazing small businesses, and how to design labels.

Joyfully Katie LLC carries natural deodorant, essential oil rollers, The Original Makeup eraser and will continue to carry more products each month. Her products all have specific base notes and come in a variety of options including masculine, feminine, neutral, scented, and unscented. Her essential oil rollers are created to address issues such as headaches, cramps, muscle pain, and anxiety.

“Within The Pantheon, I have found support for my small business in so many ways. Not having an office, The Pantheon provides a quiet place for me to work, print items, do zoom calls, refuel with fancy coffee, and focus.

Katie has utilized many classes and services hosted by the Pantheon while developing her business, namely meetings with Julie Folz of the Southwest Indiana Small Business Development Center. “She sends me information to keep me moving in the direction I need to maintain a lasting business. She meets with me, helps me along my journey, and makes sure I am properly completing all the documentation that goes along with running a small business.”

Katie’s favorite thing about being a member of the Pantheon is the encouraging and caring environment. “I am thankful I can feel comfortable asking any question, knowing they have resources to point me in the right direction.”

2 - Pantheon Updates


Have you had the chance to drive down Main Street and see the new lighted addition? If not, you’d better stop by! After a very long anticipated arrival, due to delays caused by material shortages stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have finally completed installation of the long-awaited marquee, and it couldn’t be more beautiful! The marquee has had a positive response and many Main Street businesses have been very supportive of the progress being made. Shortly after installation, Pantheon neighbor, Attic Salt Boutique, owned by Kristi Morron, made a Facebook post saying "Mornings on Main are a little brighter. Congrats to our neighbors, The Pantheon, on the installation of their new marquee. It looks amazing!!"

In addition to the installation of the marquee, the old ticket booth is also in the process of transformation as a rentable podcast studio! If you like to see these updates up close, swing by The Pantheon Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM for a free tour!

Enjoy this photo of the original Pantheon marquee!


Thanks to the Knox County Community Foundation for a $15,000 grant which will fund a new stage curtain! Special thanks also goes to Don and Joyce Villwock who graciously matched the grant. The curtain will be installed in early 2023 and will reflect the aesthetics of the Pantheon. A 1920’s, likely rich velvet, inspired curtain will be both a beautiful and functional addition to our stage. Once samples and quotes have been reviewed, the chosen curtain will be lined to maintain acoustic qualities. Its presence will allow the stage to be closed off for private meetings, training sessions for local businesses, and workshops to name a few.

Here is a photo from roughly 1921, showing what the original Stage curtain looked like.

1- Upcoming Event

We are so excited to announce a new partnership with RTC Communications, a Montgomery based provider who will be bringing us a new series for small business owners called “BizTech Cafe: Business Technology Basics”. Our first topic will be Beginning Business Security: Understanding the Why and the What of Anti-Virus Software. It’s free to attend with registration and there will be donuts and coffee provided! Mark Dec. 9 at 8AM on your calendar! Click here to register!

Looking for more information about these events and others we have to offer at The Pantheon? Check out our events calendar for more info!

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