3.2.1... Create

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

3.2.1... Create

Creating an Environment to Work

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.” – Albert Einstein

At the Pantheon, we take such pride in inspiring ideas and facilitating creative thinking. Our mission is to be the force that turns dreams into realities. We are excited to share with you the ways in which we are supporting the innovative and creative minds in Knox County.

3 Ways to grow as a Creative...


Each month, we host groups where our creatives network, share, and chat about various topics like brand identification, virtual identity, and business development are discussed while focusing on the power of “why”. Design & Donuts is one of many networking opportunities we provide for our community with the partnership of other local businesses such as Fossmeyer’s Bakery.

We are so grateful for their support!

Inspire Others

It’s one thing to have the ability to think creatively. It’s another to be able to inspire others to do the same. We are privileged to have so many creative minds in one space.

This past month, photographer Matt Ramsey kicked off his new workshop, Pictures & Pizza right here inside our walls. He shared tips, ideas, and perspectives with future photographers. A big shout-out to Byron Bobe’s Pizza House for fueling this collaborative session.

Join the Community

Have you been thinking about how to elevate your craft to the next level?

Don’t wait... The time is now! We personally invite you to join our creative, co-working environment. We are here to offer start-up and ongoing support as you take the next step.

2 Creative ways to Connect...

Need we say more....A big “thank-you” to Kyle Bledsoe with Sugar Rae’s Coffee Company for hosting this new program. Our guests got to enjoy quality coffee with other crafters while learning how to price goods, market inventory, and elevate their specific craft.

We really can’t tell you how excited we are about this event! Creativity is the name of our game, and we are ready!

Fri, Jun 3, 2022 5:00 PM EST

Creative Market

The Pantheon Theatre, Vincennes

Join us on the Friday of June 3rd during “Spring on Main” as our creatives showcase their work! This event will feature various vendors who have been diligently perfecting their crafts. We are thrilled to be able to spotlight them right inside The Pantheon.

1 Person makes a Difference...

Member Spotlight:

This month, we want to celebrate entrepreneur, videographer, and photographer Aaron Pea!

Aaron is a prime example of a creative professional that has collaborated with the Pantheon to elevate his trade. In addition to business films, wedding photography and videography have become a primary focus of his booming business. He currently shoots approximately 20 weddings a year and is taking his talent overseas to Greece very soon! While looking forward to doing some international work, Aaron is proud of his Vincennes roots. Aaron capitalizes on the networking opportunities provided by the Pantheon as well as the creative working environment. A former “coffeehouse nomad,” he has found his home right here inside The Pantheon.

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