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Creating & supporting meaningful internship opportunities with our partners in secondary and post-secondary education is a key component.

Current Interns

Meet our team of interns, and hear how the Pantheon influenced them beyond the classroom.

Lexi Chrappa
Lexi Chrappa
Hometown: Effingham, IL
Major: 1st year Business Administration at Vincennes University

Future Plans: I hope to transfer to a 4-year university closer to my hometown and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. After that, I will continue school to get my MBA with hopes to eventually become the president of a bank.
Hope to learn: I hope to gain experience in the business field from the professional atmosphere at The PantheonInteresting Fact: I play on the women’s volleyball team at VU.

Past Interns

Macie Couchenour
Macie Couchenour
Hometown: Vincennes, IN
Major: 1st year Homeland Security at Vincennes University

Future Plans: My future plan after graduating college is to go to the FBI. To help me reach this goal, I plan on obtaining an Associate’s degree in accounting and potentially completing my Master’s degree in law, as well. After I retire from the FBI, I would like to open a coffee shop.
Hope to learn: Since I am wanting to open my own business someday, I hope to learn how some other small business owners started theirs. Additionally, I want to gain practical communication and professional skills from my interactions with the members at the Pantheon.
Interesting Fact: I love Jesus! :)

Paxton Schwomeyer
Paxton Schwomeyer
Hometown: Oakland City, IN
Major: 2nd year Agribusiness at Vincennes University

Future Plans: I want to finish4 years of college then go back to work at my family farm.
Hope to learn: I want to learn communication skills, meet new people and make new contacts.Interesting Fact: I am on the VU golf team.

Salena Dellinger

Salena was Summer 2022 Intern, graduate of SK, currently majoring in Business Administration at Liberty University.

Her favorite thing about working at the Pantheon -       getting to be a part of the Pantheon community and meeting all kinds of new people! Some of her favorite days were ones where everyone would gather around the coffee bar and just talk. It was really cool to hear different people's stories, passions, and goals, and to see how the Pantheon was helping them all along the way.

What she learned from the experience: overall, she learned a lot about how a business operates on a daily basis. From organization and bookkeeping, delivering a presentation, and interacting with a variety of people, she was able to experience many different activities and roles. It helped her to grow her skill set as well as my confidence.

Salena Dellinger
Luke Williams

“The opportunity to work with fellow innovators here at The Pantheon has provided me with a fascinating insight into the inner workings of our local agriculture and has offered me the chance to make valuable connections with local leaders.”

Luke Williams, Ag Tech Intern
Senior at South Knox
Purdue University School of Ag

Calvin Carmean

"I am a senior at Vincennes Lincoln High School. Some of my school-affiliated activities include Tennis and Golf. While attending school half-days, in the afternoon I intern at The Pantheon and INTREN. Regarding my future, the next step for me is to attend Indiana University for cognitive science. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree, I want to go to dental school at IUPUI. Furthermore, I would like to extend my knowledge to become an orthodontist. One unique thing about me is that my middle names are for both of my grandfathers."

Calvin Carmean, Pantheon Intern
Senior at Vincennes Lincoln
Indiana University

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