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Lunch & Learn: Telling Stories with Dr. Jennifer Harris

July 23, 2024 12:00 PM

Telling Stories: How to Decode Communication from Our Encoded Needs, Assumptions, and Beliefs

Most people will tell you that learning to remove emotion from communication makes it work better. This belief is especially true in the business world. While on the surface that may make sense, the reality is that the production of emotion is a biological, chemical, and physiological response to our experiences. It’s not something we can turn off. Emotions are as normal to human function as breathing, yet because we don’t understand the role of emotions, we tend to make emotions bad and wrong. Just like our brains can’t function without oxygen, our communication can’t function without emotional intelligence. Emotions don’t diminish effective communication – our misunderstanding about what emotions mean and reveal does. Our communication (and the relationships in which we communicate) will suffer when we don’t listen to the stories that our emotions are telling us. When we can learn to read our emotions for information, like reading a story and understanding the characters in it, we can decode the emotional information to reveal our encoded needs, assumptions, and beliefs.

About Dr. Jennifer Harris:

Dr. Jennifer Harris has extensive experience in leadership, theology, psychology, and teaching. As the founder of Whole Story Counseling, she offers trauma-informed counseling at the intersection of theology and psychology using a narrative processing (story work) approach to her trademark practice called Whole Story Living: pursuing the whole-istic desire for goodness and connection. She holds 2 degrees from the University of Michigan, a doctorate in theology Institute for Worship Studies, and a graduate degree in pastoral counseling from Fuller Theological Seminary. Additionally, Dr. Harris is certified in Narrative Focused Trauma Care through the Allender Center at the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology. She has completed the Certificate in Resilient Service program at the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology, and is a certified Essential Emotions coach, bringing the science of aromatherapy to the psychology of emotional release and healing.

Members: $5 | Non-members: $10

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