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Co-work is a community. The Pantheon offers a wide variety of work options for remote workers, entrepreneurs, creators, and companies of all sizes.

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Day Pass & Memberships

Day Pass
  • Monday to Friday 8am-4pm

  • Building Amenities

  • $20/Day

Office Hours Membership
  • Access Monday to Friday 8am-4pm

  • Building Amenities

  • Conference Room Use

  • $75/Month

Monthly Open Desk Membership
  • 24/7 Access

  • Building Amenities

  • Conference Room Use

  • $100/Month

    $50/Month - Seniors, Active Military & Vets

    $25/Month - High School, College Students, Medical Residents

Annual Open Desk Membership
  • 1 Free Month of Co-working

  • 24/7 Access

  • Building Amenities

  • Conference Room Use

  • $1100/Year

Reserved Desk

* Limited number available

  • Reserved Desk Space

  • 24/7 Access

  • Building Amenities

  • Conference Room Use

  • $200/Month

Private Office

* 3 month minimum

  • Office Space & Desk

  • Lockable Office

  • 24/7 Access

  • Building Amenities

  • Conference Room Use

  • Starting at $400/Month

Our Private Desks are currently full.

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Membership Perks

Fastest Wifi in town
1GB up/download

Free Coffee & Coffee Bar

Free Printer & Fax

Meeting Room

Lounge - Coming Soon!

Mailboxes - Coming Soon!

Call Booth

Full Kitchen & Kitchenette

Professional & 
Social Events

Free Snacks

Natural Light
& Cleaning Services

Discount Off
Space Rental


Access to Entrepreneur - In -Residence

The Perks at
The Pantheon

Come see why this is the best place to co-work and join The Pantheon today.

Customer Support
Co-Working start date - December 1st.


Free Wifi Co-working Space

fastest wifi in town
1GB up/download

Co-working coffee house

free coffee

Free Printing


co-working meeting rooms

meeting room

call booth

call booth

co-working kitchenette


Free Formstack for 1 year

free Formstack for 1 year

Professional and social events

professional & social events

Slack Channel

Slack channel

Natural Light

natural light

20% off space rental

discount off space rental

Co-working lockers

lockers - coming soon!


access to Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Amenities & Services

Vincennes Indiana Event Space at the Pantheon's balcony
  • One-of-a-kind Workspace in a 1920’s Style Theatre
  • 24/7 Building Access
  • Common Areas & Lounges
  • Wi-Fi
  • Conference Room
  • Kitchen
Co-working services and benefits for starting a business near me
  • Maker LAB Access - coming soon!
  • Cleaning Services
  • Building Operations
  • Simple Billing Process
Coffee Bar at the Pantheon Theater for small business help
  • Coffee Bar
  • Event Access
  • Community
  • Mentors


Co-working Open Desk at the Pantheon
Open Desk

24/7 access to The Pantheon’s workspace, as well as amenities and conference room use.

$100 / Month
$25 / Month - HS & College Students
Pantheon Dedicated Co-working Desk
Reserved Desk

Desk space reserved for you as well as The Pantheon amenities and conference room use. Available 24/7.

*Limited number of desks available.

$200 /Month
Pantheon Private Co-working Office
Private Office

Office space and desk in a lockable office, including The Pantheon’s amenities and conference room. Available 24/7.

*3 Month Minimum

Starting at $300 /Month
Co-working Day Pass for open desk
Day Pass

24/7 access to The Pantheon's shared workspace as well as amenities and conference room use.

$10 Usage
Staffed hours Mon-Fri 8 AM to 5 PM
Pantheon Co-working balcony space for events
More coming soon

Get access to The Pantheon's shared workspace 24/7.

Event Space

Inspiring space for your next event ranging from conferences to celebrations. No membership required.

Contact us to schedule your event.

Who is The Pantheon’s
Co-Working Space for?

The Pantheon’s Co-working space is for entrepreneurs, creators, and remote-workers looking for a place to call their “work-home” in Knox County. It’s ideal for instilling a sense of purpose into your work and plugging into a community of like-minded people.

Jim Tanoos

Clinical Associate PRofessor
Purdue Polytechnic Vincennes

"Co-work spaces/start-up incubators like the Pantheon are excellent facilitators, and their efforts and the efforts of so many stakeholders over the past several years have certainly facilitated our learning this semester. Our students have the opportunity to experience firsthand the various uses of a co-space/start-up incubators and the possibilities when using one of these upon completion of their degree and with their chosen careers. The Pantheon is such a majestic venue and it has been great to be part of its new life during our Spring semester. We are grateful that they have accommodated us!"

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Download The Pantheon's Operations Manual, Outline and COVID-19 Rules by clicking the links below.

We Understand...

Working from home

The hazy separation between work and home leaves us feeling lost. Kids screaming. Isolation days on end. NO MORE. Work is work. Home is home. Work hard, then go home and play hard.

Creative Blocks

The same inputs equal the same outputs. New inputs equal new outputs. Co-working spaces like The Pantheon are pretty much food for your creative brain, filling it with new interactions, knowledge, and connections.

Feeling Alone

Our type of job has so much freedom and time for solitude. But it leads to feelings of isolation and loneliness. At The Pantheon you will be surrounded by creatives, remote workers, and entrepreneurs just like you. Friendships will be made, and communities will form. No one does it alone.


Gulp. You have the idea, but it doesn’t feel real. Taking the first step is the difference between “I want to”, and “I am.”